Is IdentityForce Legit?

In looking for a security solution against identity theft, you have to ensure that you’ll be availing of functional and reliable service. Of course, it should most importantly be legitimate.

The issue, though, is it can be a little tricky to avoid fraudulent services. You need to do deep research about what the brand offers and if it stays true to its claim.

For this article, we’re going to focus on IdentityForce, one of the leading anti-identity theft services. In the next sections, we will try to answer the question, “Is Identity Force legit?”. In this way, you can rest assured that you will land the best security choice.

What is IdentityForce?

IdentityForce focuses on crafting and providing services directed towards the prevention of theft and privacy issues. This comes in two plans, which are UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit. We will discuss these more in the later sections.

It has been around since 1978. However, it only became official in 2005. Nevertheless, this means that it has several decades-worth of experience and knowledge for the platform.

What Does Identity Force Do?

IdentityForce’s tasks revolve around account security and credit monitoring. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

Monitors Every Account Activity

IdenityForce’s monitoring system does not stop at the surface. It monitors each activity under your account and name, which allows a higher sense of security. This includes your address, fraud claims, VPN, social media, and a lot more.

Sends Alerts and Notifications

The service will send you regular alerts and notifications when it detects an activity under your account and details. These can be about changes in personal data, purchasing activities under both bank and credit providers, investment changes and updates, and more.

Provides Digital Protection Against Digital Threats

Unlike other services, IdentityForce “fights” hi-tech identity theft threats with digital looks. This makes it an innovative solution rather than a traditional and outdated one. In addition, this also assures better and more responsive protection.

Assists in Recovering and Restoring Identity

The platform will also be responsible for assisting you in the whole process of identity restoration. They come with toll-free customer support, and full legal assistance in terms of reporting and solving identity theft cases. They also cover insurance for stolen funds.

Keep in mind that the overall services you will get will depend on what plan you avail of. Anyhow, you can guarantee that your account and its data will be protected no matter what.

Does IdentityForce Work?

IdentityForce totally works, and you can believe their claims about their powerful security features. Its service is effective if your goal is to keep unauthorized access away from your accounts, details, and whole identity. Thus, you won’t have any issues with whether it is really a good security tool or not.

If you want to be more assured, you can always read authentic reviews about their service online. You can go to their website or any review platform.

IdentityForce Pricing

Like what we discussed, IdentityForce offers two plans. Here is an overview that you can refer to:


UltraSecure focuses solely on the prevention and recovery of identity theft.

This includes monitoring features for, but not limited to:


– Dark Web Activities

– Account Changes

– Sex Offender Registries

– Social Media Identity

You will also receive alerts for these features:

– Banking Activities

– Credit Activities

– Investment Activities

– Smart SSN

– Identity Threats

Furthermore, you will be able to access security tools, such as:

– Mobile App

– Medical ID Fraud Protection

– Digital Security Tools

– Two-Factor Authentication (for logins)

– Lost Wallet Assistance

Most importantly, you will get these recovery solutions if you ever get caught up in a case of identity theft:

– $1 Theft Insurance

– Replacement for Stolen Funds

– Fully Managed Restoration

– White-Glove Restoration

– Deceased Family Member Fraud Recovery

You will get all of these services and features for only $17.95 monthly.


The highest plan is the UltraSecure+Credit. This includes all the features included in UltraSecure Plan, in addition to:

– Credit Monitoring

– Financial Reports

– Simulation for Financial Decisions

– Assistance for Higher Credit Limit

This plan costs $23.95 monthly.

If you’re in a big household, you can also inquire about the service’s family plans to save more money.

If you’re not sure what plan to choose yet, you can avail of the platform’s 30-day free trial. This will allow you to work your way around each solution. Note that you can save more if you avail of annual billing. Consider this if you’re going to use the service long-term.

Is IdentityForce Worth the Price?

Taking all of the offers, services, and tools included in either plan, it’s safe to say that paying $17 to $23 a month will be worth it. This is most especially if you have great needs for security solutions.

Both plans also offer both preventive and recovery solutions, so you can rest assured that you will be guided throughout the whole process of protecting your information.

How to Get IdentityForce

The process of availing of IdentityForce’s service is pretty straightforward. See the steps below:

1. Choose and purchase a plan from IdentityForce.

You can do this by navigating to IdentityForce’s official There, they will also give you an overview of the features included in each plan.

2. Set up your account.

Initially, setting up your account only requires a working email and password.

3. Disclose your personal information.

The last step will ask you to enter your personal details. These will include your SSS number, baking details, credit accounts, and likes. Their privacy policy discusses that this won’t be used nor shared to other platforms, so you won’t have to worry about data breach.

In contrast to other security services, you will surely find this more convenient since you won’t have to go to the bank nor contact third-party services. Once you complete the purchasing process, you’re already good to go.

Conclusion: Is IdentityForce Legit?

All in all, the short answer to our question is: IdentityForce is legit, and stays as one of the top choices for anti-identity theft services.

IdentityForce offers a number of solutions, which are effective in protecting your personal and sensitive information. It also has a number of pros that will boost the security features it can provide.

You don’t have to worry about the platform’s legitimacy, but it may come off pricy for those on a budget. It’s cost-efficient, but having to spend more or less than $17 a month may not be practical. You can definitely find other platforms with the same service for a lower price.