ID TheftSmart Review

Identity theft is not a joke. It doesn’t only involve your name being used by other people. It also means that your banking details, criminal records, credit accounts, and basically, all your records are on the line.

Taking this into account, it’s just right that you take security and preventive measures to keep identity theft from happening. Although there are daily care tips that you can do to avoid privacy issues, you need real solutions that can keep up with how hi-tech and innovative online attacks are.

This is where ID TheftSmart comes in. In this article, we’re going to give an in-depth ID TheftSmart review, so you can see if it will really benefit you or not.

What is ID TheftSmart?

ID TheftSmart is the brainchild of First National Bank and Kroll Fraud Solutions, one of the best brands for security solutions.

The service’s main goal is to keep your privacy and details safe from various cyber-attacks. It comes with two main solutions (which we will discuss later) and several features to maintain its anti-identity theft functions.

Take note that ID TheftSmart focuses on prevention rather than the actual recovery. It will assist you, but it won’t serve as an alternative for legal needs. This simply keeps your data safe from fraudulent use and other related issues.

What Does ID TheftSmart Do?

ID TheftSmart mainly works as a monitor for your personal details. Its exact functions will depend on the type of solution that you avail of, but in general, here are the things that it can do:

Provide Alerts and Notification Service

You will receive online alerts whenever an activity is detected on your account. This applies to changed details, added info, balance inquiries, and simply, anything done through your name and account. You will also get either a monthly or daily notification if there are no activities done throughout the period.

Assist You in Legal Matters

If you become a victim of identity theft, ID TheftSmart will provide you with investigators who can work alongside you to get records, filing reports, and likes. They will be with you until your identity is restored.

Give Detailed Reports

For those with credit accounts, you will get a fully merged report regarding your credit activities, status, and searches. In this way, you can better monitor your activity, and ensure that the service did not fail to keep your details protected.

All in all, ID TheftSmart will make you feel that you’re working with real security guards bespoke for your information. Again, its tasks will depend on the package, so keep this in mind once you avail one.

Solutions of ID TheftSmart

Like what we previously talked about, ID TheftSmart has two main solutions. These are Identity Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring. See the full details below:

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection, from the name, focuses on protecting users from cases and issues of identity theft. This will provide you with security features, as well as full assistance if ever you become a victim of the issue.

Here are some tasks that it can help you with:

– Prevent identity fraud

– Confirm if you’re entangled in a case of identity theft

– Determine security issue’s case and scope

– Resolve existing and future identity theft cases

– Process a seven-year statement as a victim of fraud for documentation (if eligible)

With this solution, you will also be able to work with investigators in the process of preserving your identity. They will also be with you throughout legal needs, like having to talk to the police or monitoring the status of your case.

Identity Theft Protection costs $3 per household/month.

Credit Monitoring

Next up, we have Credit Monitoring. This already comes with Identity Theft Protection, which means that you with this, you will be getting two solutions in one.

The solution at hand has additional features that will help you keep track of your credit accounts and ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Here are its other tasks:

– Monitor all your credit accounts

– Send alerts and notifications for every change happening in your records

– Notify you when you miss a scheduled payment for your loans

– Secure public records and possible updates

– Let you know if another credit account is opened under your details

Note that the services provided by Identity Theft Protection are also included in the list.

Currently, Credit Monitoring costs $6 per household/month.

Considering the features and price, we believe that you will get more value for your money with Credit Monitoring since it already includes Identity Theft Protection in its package. It will also assure better and more comprehensive security.

Pros and Cons of ID TheftSmart

Now, let us talk about the pros and cons of ID TheftSmart.

First, here are the pros:

– Offers cost-efficient security solutions

– Comes with both individual and family plans

– Claims and results are guaranteed by current users

– Credit Monitoring Solution is compatible with main bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion

– Security features have vast coverage

The cons, on the other hand, are:

– Does not come with antivirus software

– Doesn’t have recovery features for issues like medical aid, financial loss, etc.

– Limited information online

As you can see, the pros of ID TheftSmart overpower its cons. Moreover, because of the price, you can easily avail of antivirus software of your own. The main con, however, is its lack of online presence. You need to go and contact your banking institution to get its full details. Based on my research, it can be hard to contact them directly because there are no contact details provided.

How to Get ID TheftSmart

If you want to avail of ID TheftSmart, you need to open a banking account with financial institutions that offer ID TheftSmart. If you already have an account, you can always contact your bank’s support team to know if they offer the said service.

From there, your bank will then guide you through the application process. The process may vary since some require physical application while some provide an online form for applicants. The payments will also be discussed with the bank.


All in all, taking ID TheftSmart’s offers, solutions, and pricing, we found that it will be a helpful tool to prevent identity theft. This is most especially in terms of banking needs. It’s also affordable, which makes it ideal even for households on a budget.

You can avail of just one of the service’s solutions depending on your needs.

However, if you’re looking for a recommendation and can invest in better service, getting Credit Monitoring will be a more efficient security tool. This also already comes with Identity Theft Protection, so there’s no need to buy the other service.

Note, though, that because ID TheftSmart’s cons revolve around limited aiding features, this is only best as a preventive solution rather than a recovery tool for damages.