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Company Overview

Operating from South Florida and Central Texas, Vault Identity Protection is a company that offers identity theft protection services. In addition to their protection services, Vault Identity Protection also provides restoration services to their customers. They achieve this by monitoring an individuals credit report. They also offer 24/7 services which come in handy in cases of emergency.

Advantages of Vault Identity Protection

What makes Vault Identity different from other identity protection companies is that they not only offer affordable services, but they also provide credit restoration facilities where other credit companies cannot. In case you need your credit score from one bureau, Vault Identity will check your credit report using just a single price plan. With their basic package your credit history will be assessed and then the necessary identity protection and recovery services initiated. To speed up the entire identity protection process, you will have to provide your Bank account numbers, credit cards and your Social Security Number. Note that their services are not limited to identity protection only. They also offer other services that are non-credit in nature such as monitoring payday loans, tracing a person’s Social Security Number, changing of your address, protection of your online identity and from sex offenders. Vault Identity also protects court and other public records from unauthorized access or fraudulent practices .

Disadvantages of Vault Identity Protection

Though Vault Identity offers flexible services especially with the addition of non-credit services, their main fault comes from their identity protection services. In this category a person’s identity is protected after his or her credit report has been monitored and thoroughly assessed. But in this age, credit monitoring alone is not enough to guarantee an individual’s credit security. Other important aspects should be addressed and if possible incorporated in monitoring an individual’s credit report. Therefore, as much as other identity protection services are available, Vault Identity by sticking to credit monitoring as the only way of protecting one’s identity, limits its capability. Other firms that provide multiple services are better suited to deal with a customer that wants a sound and reliable identity protection plan. They should adopt more inclusive identity protection plans that will address the needs of all customers.


Combining modern technology with the basic protection techniques available to them, Vault Identity passes as a credible and reliable identity protection company. They know what their clients need and concentrating on such aspects they make sure that all their customers get satisfying protection services. This is the maxim of operation that seems to earn Vault Identity a score rating of 10 out of 10 in the field of identity protection. And though they lack in some aspects on identity protection, their benefits outweight their cons. As an individual that knows his or her credit foundation and history, you will make your decision having considered both their pros and cons. You will also know what your options are in case you decide to deal with them and whether their protection services match your credit needs. But generally Vault Identity is a highly recommended identity protection company.

Vault Identity Protection, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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