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Good: Assigned Licensed Attorneys, 3/3 Monitoring
Bad: Over Priced Services
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Company Overview

TrustedID Company makes sure that it protects all of its clients against any kind of frauds that usually occurs. The company has its headquarters based in the state of California and they are a company that boasts in being named the best because of the kind of service they give their clients and how effective they are. The company has been able to receive positive reviews and that is why their customer base is ever increasing because of how trusted they are and the recommendations customers give to others.

Medical Record Protection

TrustedID also ensures that they provide the kind of protection that is not given by other companies. They provide medical record protection and this is exactly the reason why the company is really sought after. The medical record protection helps customers to be able to ask for their medical benefit history so that to prevent fraudsters who benefit from other people’s benefits. By doing so this helps the company also monitor any illegal activities from accounts that might be taking place. The company also helps their customers to avoid using credit cards and other things that may be easy to defraud. This is because it serves as protection against any potential fraudsters who would want to benefit. The company also gives new customers a certain score that is used to help protect vital information and ensure that the information is not lost. The scores help to monitor certain databases and records to help the customers be able to determine their risk levels.

Customers receive bureau credit monitoring, bureau credit score, family identity protection and black market scanning. They do so by using a system that automatically helps to protect important personal information like bank account information, credit card number, social security numbers, PIN numbers and other important information of a personal nature. You can even test whether anyone is using your number fraudulently. When this happens you will receive a call from the company if it is already into an account on an illegal website that has been listed by the company. Once this is realized the company usually has recovery services on standby and they will assist with all manner of disputes if any. The fraudster using your number illegally will be tracked and they will be held and taken to jail and locked up. It is illegal to commit fraud and it is a criminal offence of which you will be held liable.

The Bad

The only bad review is that of the contractor’s fine print. This is because once the two week trial expires the customers are automatically introduced into a 90 day contract period.

The company makes sure they provide identity theft protection at affordable prices. These prices are worthwhile and you will get to enjoy lots of benefits once you sign up for the service.

The Bottom Line

All TrustedID customers are usually satisfied and they even recommend the company to their family and friends. Because of the quality services they have received. Make sure you try them out and you will stop being the victim of fraudsters.

TrustedID, 5.9 out of 10 based on 63 ratings
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