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The Good

The customer service of SmarterPrivacy is outstanding, and you will notice it when you call them in – their customers are not on hold for a lot of minutes. Identity Force is the parent company of SmarterPrivacy, which has an outstanding rating with the BBB. Identity Force hopes that SmarterPrivacy does all its work with the highest possible quality. You will enjoy protection for your identify, and your wallet will be secure with us. The firm also offers the following services: opting out of junk mail, reminders/reminders of fraud, insurance of $1 million, basic monitoring of your identify, monitoring of your bank account and credit card, and an account number for your medical insurance.

Delete Now is one of the most important features that SmarterPrivacy has to offer, and no other company in the market has it. This service provides you with all the personal information that is found on the Web about you in a detailed report. The service can delete information that is found inaccurate or violating your privacy rights. You will receive alerts when personal information about you is placed on the Web whether it is your intention or not.

The Bad

The webpage of SmarterPrivacy only allows you to sign up and nothing more. You will not be able to see anything about the company, services or products. It does not send you over to another site to give you a little bit more data. Customers do not like that behavior since they hope to find something they can use in this webpage so as to avoid calling them in. They do not offer free trial, credit monitoring or access the credit score of a customer. SmarterPrivacy only investigates the situation when funds are stolen, but they do not replace them.

The Bottom Line

SmarterPrivacy does not offer any kind of information on their website, and customers do not realize that Identify Force is its parent company. Do not sign up with this firm unless you can call them in and get something useful for the price you pay. You need to use a company that is transparent dealing with the personal information of their customers, and one that has quality information on their website.

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