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Protecting identity is a common concern today, especially online, because many of the transactions performed today, such as banking and shopping involve the use of the Internet. From the multitude of identity protection companies that exist, finding one that people can be sure they can rely on is quite difficult. There are many stories about identity theft acts, but people usually don’t consider they need to be protected until they become victims themselves. Identity Theft Protection is one of the firms that stands out from the rest due to certain features, but it also has its minuses. A financial business established in Illinois called Signature Agency, Inc is the one the manages the company called Identity Theft Protection. The usual role of Signature Agency, Inc is providing legal advisory services.

The Pros

Signature Identity Theft Protection, also called Signature ITP can offer different credit tools to clients and it is meant to protect their identities. Good examples of such tools could be credit score and updates for it, credit monitoring, credit analyzer, etc. For the cancellation of their stolen or lost credit cards, clients can also receive a credit card registry, which can be a very helpful tool. The prices that people can find at Signature ITP are some of the cheapest that they can find for such a company. In the case in which clients need insurance money and emergency cash, the company may provide 2000 dollars of emergency money and 5000 dollars for identity theft insurance. The is one more advantage offered by the company, which is uncommon in the industry: clients can get assistance for placing fraud alerts on their accounts. This can be performed with all the existing bureaus (all three of them).

The Cons

The company is mainly focused on credit, but this doesn’t mean that clients can get the right level of protection for their identity. There is a lack of protection for basic things. For instance, there are no protection tools related to Internet scanning. Also, no partnerships exist with firms that could provide access to different analytical systems. The value of the covered insurance is just 5000 dollars, which is only a small part of the value provided by other companies of this type. It is not very good that a company is not able to provide protection services for the online environment, which is used more and more today.


Signature Agency, Inc encourages people to manage their credit and provides protection for them against identity theft through the company called Signature Identity Theft Protection. Despite this, there are better companies out there, as Signature ITP is not the best the people can find. Some important aspects are missing from the whole picture, aspects that could be helpful for identifying theft services. Also, there is no quality insurance plan developed for helping those who are becoming victims. A reliable company of this type must be able to provide two key features: powerful protection and restoration services. The problem with Identity Theft Protection is that, even if it provides these options, it seems they are not strong enough. The company is not focused on protecting the client’s identity on the Internet, which is another drawback.

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