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SafelDlock is a company which is based in EL Segundo and it is part of the identity and credit service. The company specializes in credit and theft identification. In addition, it is a well rounded service for customers who want to get assistance from the company.


There are various benefits of SafelDlock. Some of the advantages of the company are as shown below:

Currently, SafelDlock has emerged to be the best company since it has a basic package price of $8 per month. If you know that you require the service for a year, you will have to pay an annual fee of $48. This is approximately $4 per month which is relatively cheap in comparison to monthly payment.

Apart from the above services which is provided by SafelDlock, other benefits includes:

  • Telephone access which is toll free. This call assigns you to the fraud investigator which is licensed.
  • One million dollars used for identity theft insurance is provided by the company.
  • You can be issued with fraud alerts if the identity have been compromised.
  • Fraud reports from the police are completed by SafelDlock.
  • SafelDlock has Butler recovery who is responsible for identification of theft paperwork.
  • Lost wages are reimbursed. These includes: re- filing, expenses, legal defense fees, postage, long distance calls, loan applications and Notarizing. The wage is approximately $1,000 per week. This is cheaper than other companies which provide the same service with a higher fee.


Even tough SafelDlock is beneficial; there are some limitations of the company. For you to receive protection service for example phone numbers, addresses, or debit cards, you need to sigh up for the upgraded service which is expensive. In addition to that, the basic features such as credit monitoring are not included. This is disadvantageous since credit monitoring is very vital.

Another disadvantage of SafelD lock is that it has not been graded. Nevertheless, the wisdom companies which are linked to SafelD lock has not been graded by the BBB. However, these companies have been accredited.


SafelDlock is the best company which is significant as highlighted by the benefits above. This is applicable for people who are mainly concern with restoration of your identity if it has been stolen. Nevertheless, the prices are very cheap for the basic package. However, you can get additional benefits for the same services if you use other companies apart from the SafelDlock.

Consequently, it will give the customers a well rounded identity which is a protection service. You need to use the SafelD lock as it is beneficial even tough there are minor challenges which are faced by the company. But, these limitations are few as compared to the advantages mentioned above. For you to know if you can use the company to provide you with the services, you have to be aware about both advantages and disadvantages. This will enable you to weigh if you are going to use the service or you will be looking for other service providers. Nevertheless, other companies also have their own challenges. Therefore, you may use SafelD lock as the challenges are few.

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