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Good: Only $3.95, 1/3 Credit Monitoring
Bad: No Assigned Attorneys, No BBB Rating
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A Look At The Services Offered By SaberGuard essential Plan

The Good

SaberGuard essential Plan is a complete service with an unbelievable and affordable price. This plan is alleged to provide its customers with a private ID coach that guides you in all identity matters and assesses your identity theft claim. The company responsible for the plan instructs you on how you can file a police report, review the theft case and later develop a plan to regain your identity. It also comes with a full package such that you would never think of passing it and moving to the next identity company for your needs.

The plan also covers all identity theft occurrences like medical ID theft, financial fraud, tax fraud, Social Security fraud, child/ family ID theft and employment fraud. Other identity protection aspects provided by the company include:

  • SafeOnline IDtheftware
  • For Dummies News Letter
  • 100% recovery success
  • Monthly newsletter for clients to peruse through

The Bad

The only setback to SaberGuard is that they have no confirmation that shows their company legitimacy. They have a website that only shows services they offer, but there is no section that talks about them as an organization or their history. Additionally, SaberGuard is not accredited nor is it graded by the Better Business bureau. Besides that, you will never find any post of the company on the Bureau’s webpage, just like other Identity Theft Protection companies. One thing you would be wary of if you might have decided to use their services.

The only thing, which shows SaberGuard’s legitimacy is their identity theft insurance underwritten by associates or subsidiaries of Chartis Inc. The bad thing with this is that you cannot be assured whether it is also true because you do not actually know what relationship they have between them. Hence, it would be good to take precaution before you settle on SaberGuard for your identity protection. Make some more research about Chartis Inc. and find out what they exactly know about SaberGuard and how they can recommend you to the company.

The Bottom Line

Although SaberGuard showcases many great services we look for in an identity theft protection company, they lack lucidity about their history, employees and model. For this reason, most people view the company as fraud and one that is hiding something. Come to think of it, how would a big company such as SaberGuard not have its own website or have its work background on any of its affiliate’s websites? Only you can answer that question from what you know about companies and their reputation.

We would not recommend anyone to get associated with the company because with SaberGuard, everything is most probably too good to be true. From giving customers personal coaches to covering all the above theft events, it does not seem so real. However, asking around could be a good idea too. Look for people who may use the company services and inquire from whether the company is real. You can also try using the company’s services yourself and fill in the gaps yourself. You might be surprised by what you find there.

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