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When it comes to aspect of identity protection, credit reporting and credit monitoring, PrivacyGuard comes to mind. This is a credit company that is reputable and held in high esteem due to the help they offer to their customers when a person requires to protect his credit identity or restore his or her credit card rating. To meet the demands of their clients PrivacyGuard incorporates the latest technological advances in their operations. And it may come as no surprise that Frank Abagale from the crime drama Catch Me if You Can approves of the company and has even endorsed it. Such recognition says a lot about PrivacyGuard and the services that they have to offer.

The Benefits of using PrivacyGuard services

For customers who would like to use the services that PrivacyGuard offer, they should expect a number of benefits to come their way. As a start any client will be served from a basic protection plan that costs $14.99 per month. Using this package, a customer will not only get his or her credit score from the 3 bureaus but he or she will also get a credit report summarizing his or her credit standing. In addition, it is easy to navigate through the PrivacyGuard website. This is because the tools there are easier to use and the content easy to read . This combined with the site’s simple and clean interface, provides any member with the best experience. Most importantly, a customer that wants to attain his or her credit goals will get access to recovery tools and useful alerts to that end.

The disadvantages of engaging with PrivacyGuard

Compared to other identity theft protection companies found in the market, PrivacyGuard has limited protection services. Their protection strategy is mainly based on using credit monitoring technique to protect their customers from falling victim to identity theft. Their dependence on a single protection plan limits a customer’s options and his or her ability to get more useful services as he or she would prefer. Apart from this, PrivacyGuard has no rating from Better Business Bureau. A customer thinking of using their services will wonder whether the company is reputable and credible enough and if the services they promise to offer are of high quality. In some instances an individual might need the services of a lawyer for when an identity theft case needs to be taken to court. In such a case PrivacyGuard comes short because they do not provide lawyers to their customers. A person will have to hire a lawyer in his personal capacity. Such missing components and lack of important services give PrivacyGuard a bad name.

The Verdict on PrivacyGuard

Cases of many complaints have been registered against PrivacyGuard. This has ultimately tainted their name giving the company a bad reputation in the market. It does not help matters much that their identity theft protection services are affordable, the truth is that they are not reliable providers. A customer looking to use their identity protection services do a background check on them before he or she commits to their services.

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