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McAfee Identity Protection Reviews

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Experian, a potential partner of the McAfee has won the heart of many potential clients after their partner started offering unreliable protection services to their new members. Nevertheless, they evaluated the McAfee products, though they no longer render protection services. The final results are considerable as the company no longer offers services to clients. The association has both good and bad reputation that we tried to pinpoint. McAfee Company was at one time a role model to various companies that offered the same services. Here are the positive and negative post of the association.

The positive side of the company

McAfee signed a contract that assured the quality of their services within a period of one month Money-Back Guarantee of the services rendered. This meant that the clients would be given back their money if not fully satisfied with the products offered by the McAfee association. This guarantee was unique as competitors only offered half the amount or none at all upon refunding. Many customers desired to purchase their products as they trusted in the association since the contract was documented. This meant that each party would keep its promise. This made it more preferable than their partners. The organization had some aspects of membership that include;

  • Internet scanning
  • Family protection
  • $1 million Product guarantee
  • Change of address overseeing
  • Three-bureau credit monitoring
  • Family protection

The Negative side of McAfee

The company never provided legal protection form. As such, they did no conjoin with any individual offering a system that is logical. As well as having their $1 million guarantee of their services, the company never offered vital information like insurance provider and the unseen payments to various people. This caused the company to discontinue its activities as many potential clients stopped trusting in the association leading to the loss of major customers who invested greatly in the McAfee Company for their protection. Many clients had to find other options of acquiring similar services from other convenient associations. Identity theft was at its peak thus many customers required the protection services from a reliable company.

The Bottom Line

The McAfee provided effective products, hence would currently be a tough competitor to companies in related fields. As of now the organization recommends any client needing their services to a different company that offers legal theft protection product. They redirect any potential customer to a more experienced company dealing with related issues thus ensuring one is in safe hands.

An unknown source commented on the issue, claiming that they can never refer any client to the McAfee Company to render the service of theft protection. The unknown source also added that the McAfee Company still register grown ups in their association. McAfee was a well established company, though it carried out its activities unprofessionally. This has led to their operation termination as clients do not want to hire their products due their inconveniences. Experian has a reputable character and this is the reason why getting more customers as well as the ones redirected by McAfee Company. Generally, Experian company can be described as efficient despite the few drawbacks.

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