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Company overview

Lifelock is an identity theft protection company based in Arizona that offers Lifelock identity and theft protection services. The company is among the very first companies established to combat identity theft in America. Lifelock understands ID theft better than any of the other companies we have reviewed.

The company was established in 2005 to cater to the growing demand of people needing identity theft protection, especially in the tech world. Lifelock now has over 350 experienced agents on standby to help Lifelock members 24/7. In 2010, the company received an international Stevie A award for their involvement with FBI to educate law enforcement officials on crime and identity theft


Lifelock is among the most esteemed brands in the identity theft protection business. They are rated A+ by BBB and have unmatched customer service. The company offers their members a friendly user interface and dashboard for regulating and tracking activity. The company is one of the safest in the industry with a long track record among their customers.

The company offers 5 points of protection which covers everything when it comes to identity protection. The five points are as follows

  • Personal ID monitoring Lifelock contacts the three national credit bureaus on behalf of their Lifelock members to remove their names from prea-pproved mailing lists
  • Real-time information scanning The company makes use of a proprietary method to look for suspicious activity on their members identities. They search thousands of illegal websites where identity thieves could be selling your personal information
  • ID theft responding Lifelock sends instant alerts to members who have their identity at risk through text, phone or email. Not only does Lifelock notify you when something is wrong but will help you with any identity theft related problems.
  • Protection guarantees Lifelock has a Total Service Guarantee that allows them up to $ 1 million to recover your identity. The money is used to hire all the experts needed such as lawyers, investigators, consultants among others to help restore your identity and pay for everything else that might be needed for the operation.
  • Personal ID Geo Tracking- The company tracks all their members credit scores to ensure they are up- to- date by updating every single change. The credit information is available to members any time of the day or night.

Recently Lifelock acquired the digital wallet platform Lemon and later launched their new Lifelock Wallet application made with their newly acquired Lemon Wallet Plus technology. The Lifelock Wallet application allows users to store their identification, loyalty cards, coupons and payments on their Smartphones for easy access anywhere, anytime, with just a click of a button. The application allows users to:

  • Cancel stolen credit cards
  • Check their credit card balance
  • Create a backups and digital copes of all their cards and information
  • Track all credit card transactions , among others

The application’s services help protect members identity and personal information. The company even offer child theft identity protection. What makes Lifelock such a reliable and identity Theft Company is the fact that they have direct access to fraud resolution teams in an extensive network of lenders and service providers and is partners with FBI law enforcement and the National Organization for Victim Assistance


The company offers three packages including Lifelock, Lifelock Ultimate and Lifelock Junior. Their most basic package Lifelock in some way offers limited benefits to members.

Lifelock has had some issues with the law which might discourage some members. Actually the events helps shape the company into the great company it is today. Lifelock learned from the mistakes and make sure they now comply fully with all legal requirements to meet the needs of their customers


According to our review, Lifelock is a trusted and solid choice when it comes to choosing identity theft protection services. They have many years of experience in the industry and the fact that they continually update their protection technology annually makes them one of the most reliable identity theft protection companies around. Lifelock offers some of the most competitive prices and great service for people in search of different identity theft protection at reasonable prices.

LifeLock, 9.1 out of 10 based on 247 ratings
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2 Reviews for "LifeLock"

  1. Halie L.
     Verified Reviewer
    July 23, 2014, 1:19 pm

    Great service! They do a great job and are incredibly polite and informative.

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  2. Jennifer
     Verified Reviewer
    March 22, 2016, 9:31 pm

    I have done a lot of things lately involving my credit and refinancing. The one thing that surprised me the most was the prompt emails and texts I received when companies were reviewing my credit.

    GD Star Rating

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