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Good: Assigned Attorneys, A+ BBB Rating
Bad: 1/3 Credit Monitoring
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Company Overview

In today’s world, we must protect ourselves against identity thefts, and even the average citizens need legal representations. LegalShield is recognized as one of the leading providers of legal safeguards, globally. It is a service that offers the most affordable identity theft plans on the securities industry. Furthermore, aside from giving protection to more than 3.5 million people in North America, LegalShield extends its outstanding performance to companies and other organizations all around the globe.

For 15 years, LegalShield, as an established organization continues to maintain its superior record of A+ BBB grade. However, their identity theft plans might slightly vary from one state to another. Nonetheless, the average price for the basic plan– for most states, falls around $12.95/month. Therefore, the great advantage of incorporating LegalShiled’s Legal plan is that, it would make your monthly subscription drop $3. You will only pay $9.95 a month! Likewise, the Legal Plan would be useful if you have an identity protection plan as well. The Legal Plan Consumers have the privilege of talking to their attorney about legal matters without worrying about ridiculous hourly rates. Not just that, you’ll also have the opportunity to get advice in regards to unlimited issues; process attorney calls or letters made on your behalf; and have your contracts and documents reviewed (up to 15 pages each).

Other Features of LegalShield’s ID Plan are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Restoration by Kroll Advisory Solutions
  • Unlimited Consultation of Identity Theft Crisis
  • One-Bureau Credit Report and Score
  • One-Bureau Activity Alert and Credit Monitoring

Coverage of the LegalShield Plan

  • Spouse and Member.
  • Children under 18 years of age whom the member or member’s spouse acts as the legal guardian.
  • Students under 26 years of age who are not married and a dependent of the member or member’s spouse.
  • Any dependent of the member/member’s spouse that are not capable of employment due to mental or physical disability.

The package also includes preventive legal assistance. It covers things, such as: creating a will that could be updated yearly; and a discount would be given on legal areas that aren’t exclusively included in the package.

Aside from those features mentioned above, another exceptional service that LegalShield offers is, for only $1 a month, you could cover your children under the age of 18. A plan that could cover up to 8 dependent children. Likewise, customers are free to choose what add-on products they would want to include in their standard LegalShield package.

The Bad

With the good, comes the bad. Even though LegalShield appears to be the most outstanding identity theft product available in the market, it also has some flaws. For one, it could only monitor one credit bureau at a given time; unlike other programs that could monitor three. Moreover, even though they offer one credit score and report; it is not possible to view the modifications made over time on free updated scores and reports.

Based on the LegalShield’s BBB profile, only 151, out of millions of users, weren’t satisfied with LegalShield’s service. Though, most of these customers have reported that the common problems they have encountered are: the product/service and the collection/billing issues. Fortunately, LegalShield is proud to attest that, it’s very proactive and has already closed around 58 complaints submitted last year.

Also, when the customers plan to include the add-on products in their LegalShield’s package, the language used for prices could appear vague and hard to understand. Consumers might think that it is a one price deal. However, what LegalShield is trying to say is, the price for the add-ons offered would be added to the price of the standard package.

The Bottom Line

Overall, LegalShield’s advantages definitely outweighs the disadvantages it has. Moreover, for an extremely economical monthly price, you will have the opportunity to acquire all the basic identity theft services– don’t forget the attorneys that you can count on, just in case a problem arise. LegalShield offers real legal services coming from real attorneys based in the U.S. and Canada. You’ll be rest assured that every attorney is legally licensed and they’re screened before LegalShield accepts them in the network.

Lastly, you’ll never find a company that offers a protection for up to 8 children for a very affordable price of $1 a month. LegalShield is a great plan for small businesses, families, and even for individuals. Each plan they offer is carefully customized to fit the customer’s needs.

LegalShield, 6.1 out of 10 based on 85 ratings
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