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loading... is the brainchild of those professionals who were once Secret Service agents, Texas Rangers, and U.S. Marshals. The reason why they got together is because they all had a common experience–they’ve handled identity theft victims before who weren’t properly protected. KeepMy ID began by addressing different kinds of identity theft problems four years ago. Giving their customers not just comprehensive protection, but restoration service as well.

The Good

In order to properly deal with all the aspects when it comes to identity theft, KeepMyID had collaborated with law firms just to have the right attorneys. Something that most identity theft companies fail to do. Moreover, aside from helping you recover what you’ve lost financially, KeepMyID would also help you fully recover that stolen identity of yours. One of which is, having a representative who will assist you in doing all the legwork– so you wouldn’t spend several hours on the telephone.

As a matter of fact, this personal representative would handle all the phone calls, deal with the fraudulent activity on your credit, and restore your status. Based on a survey, most victims spend most of their time on the phone as they try to figure out their identity fraud case. However, the representatives of KeepMyID would be of charge for this. Also, in case that you incur costs, such as legal fees, they would be 100% covered. Best of all, KeepMyID wouldn’t take its halt with restoration process until you’ve fully recovered what was stolen from you.

Furthermore, KeepMyID, being known as a reputable company, observes all the right procedures effectively in order to help their valued customers. Aside from protecting credit cards, bank accounts, medical records, driver’s license, and passport; they would also help you retrieve all of it. KeepMyID doesn’t have any limitations, thus, their prerogative is to give full protection to every consumer’s identity, irrespective of their status in life.

Likewise, offers credit monitoring for clients through two different bureaus; and options are available for refresh/update as well as credit scores. On top of that, is a company rated by the Better Businesses Bureau with an A– which functions as a proof that they’re a company that only delivers the best.

The Bad

The KeepMyID’s package costs more compared to other identity theft companies. Though, the reason behind this is, they bestow a comprehensive service compared to other identity theft companies who charge less. Another downside with KeepMyID is, they’re just new in the business, having only four years of experience. Nonetheless, some say that the founders’ years of experience when it comes to dealing identity problems outweighs this flaw.

The Bottom Line

Overall, KeepMyID is a highly respected company that you can rely on. Compared to other companies, you could say that they’re more acquainted with the business. They offer an in-depth service and are very committed to protecting their costumers. Providing only the best identity theft protection and preventive measures. Furthermore, KeepMyID could reduce the risks of your identity being stolen by 80-90%. You’ll have a full protection and restoration with anything that has been stolen. You shouldn’t let anyone play tricks on you. KeepMyID would keep an eye on these, temporarily block any suspicious activities until your identity is completely verified. A very useful privilege since no one would be able to open an account under your name. Rest assured that through signing up in this service, your $20 would be well spent.

KeepMyID, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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