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The good

Isekurity is unique because it is the only company that is charged with the responsibility of taking already existing identity theft cases for a fee. They have been available for several years and they continue to attract customers and get positive post. Customers receive bureau credit monitoring and their protection and detection system covers a wide array of information which includes public records, a change of address, non credit loans, phone number, credit card information and any other information that you provide to the company. These are the kind of services that you will be able to enjoy from the company and you will not regret because they are worth it.

The bad

The only disadvantage the company has is that they only offer one package for a few dollars and this package is where customers get more benefits. There is also a bounty package that is not available for a identity stolen at the time they were applying with the company. Consumers also would have a problem trying to find or understand about any other important insurance information if they were interested because they make it hard to obtain that information. These are the major challenges faced by the company, but they are not challenges that cannot be handled. As laid out they are few and they in no way derail or deter the company from conducting business effectively and that is why customers will never fail to ask for their services.

The bottom line

Isekurity is a really decent company and that is why it attracts a lot of customers. Their relationship with ID watchdog though causes a bit of friction. Even though isekurity seems to have the best tools in place for effective and efficient protection for its customers, other companies can offer the same but at more affordable prices. Another issue might be the fact that isekurity has only one package to offer as compared to the others which you have quite a variety to choose from. This is usually important because customers find it necessary to have several options to choose from so that they can select the ones they feel suits them.

This is an issue for the company, but apart from that they still make sure their clients get the best service. The company is still reviewing its packages and they will soon communicate to their customers in case of any developments because complaints and suggestions have been raised on more than one occasion.

Identity theft is a really common thing around the globe and it is an issue that has been addressed time and time again. Solutions have been suggested and though some have not offered permanent solutions there are others like the introduction of such companies that have helped to secure a more long term solution and a chance to try and instill customers with confidence and the belief that solutions can be found. Isekurity offers hope for such people and they make sure that their customers are completely satisfied and that they get the best service because they deserve so.

iSekurity, 2.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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