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Identity theft has become such a serious issue all over the world in the recent past. This explains why there are just so many companies sprouting out of nowhere offering protection against identity theft. The fact that there are many companies is good- you have the chance to be spoilt for choice. One of the most popular ones of such companies is IdentitySecure which is a division of the Affinion Security Center (ASC). With over three and a half decades of experience in the industry, Affinion Group (under which the Affinion Security Center is to be found) protects more than seven million people. Some of the largest financial and commercial corporations also employ the services offered by ASC to protect their costumers’ information.

What is different?

Choosing between IdentitySecure and all the other companies that offer the same services might prove to be really hard. However, the Application Monitoring service which is powered by ID Analytics sets IdentitySecure apart from all the others. On top of this benefit they also offer a three-bureau credit monitoring that comes with $1 million insurance. The most advantageous features you will find in the IdentitySecure package include:

  • Social Security Number fraud watch
  • Credit/debit card fraud watch
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Bank account fraud watch
  • DataSweep for email address, phone number and physical address
  • Public record monitoring

What should be improved?

Even with all the seemingly great features that IdentitySecure has in its package, they fail at one point- they have not captured the whole concept of identity theft. Identity theft takes some of the most subtle forms but the effects can be devastating. The strongpoint for this company is that they have tried to address several categories of fraud including the aforementioned credit/debit card fraud and social security number fraud. However, there are many other categories of fraud that the company does not address or mention in their package. Something like forgery which is a very popular form of fraud nowadays is not clearly outlined in their list of products.

This simply suggests that the services that IdentitySecure has on offer are not particularly comprehensive. It may be really hard to go on forgery watch but it does not hurt to try. The company can improve on the services they offer against fraud, clients will feel safer when in their care.

Should you go with IdentitySecure?

It is solely your decision whether you will go with IdentitySecure or not. The company has so many beautiful things to offer. For starters they have a really good plan, even with incomprehensive package, IdentiySecure is still among the best offers you will ever get. Secondly, the price that you will pay for their services is incredibly average. For first- rate quality features such as the ID Analytics powered Application Monitoring; you would be charged a ridiculously high price by other companies. This truly exception feature for identity protection makes IdentitySecure a top company. Clearly the company has so many merits and a few downsides. When you are choosing between the identity protection companies, you have to decide what features are most important for you. If IdentitySecure has them on offer, you are highly encouraged to go with them.

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