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Good: 2/3 Credit Monitoring
Bad: No Assigned Attorneys, No BBB Rating
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The Pros of IdentityProtect

Of all credit companies that are owned by Profinity credit firm, IdentityProtect stands out. is an example of one credit website that Profinity owns but IdentityProtect is a top player in the fields of identity theft and even credit industry. According to CSIdentity Corporation and TransUnion, IdentityProtect plays a major role in these two fields and there are several benefits that one can get from them. Apart from their credit monitoring program which they offer free of charge, IdentityProtect always keep their clients up-to-date with relevant information they need. Bear in mind that they can check your credit report from 2 out of 3 credit bureaus and in addition, they give their loyal customers free incentives. This is under their program better known as Pro-Rewards where as a member you will receive free gift certificates, coupons and products. Under this program you will also get more than $100 worth in grocery and shopping coupons, a restaurant gift card worth $25 and emergency roadside help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Cons

As much as IdentityProtect promises a lot to their clients, one cannot hold on to the information they provide. This is because their customer service staff do not even accept the brand under which IdentityProtect operates and far from this they cannot even confirm the information that CSIdentiy and TransUnion provides. This just shows that no relationship exists between IdentityProtect and these two credit companies. Besides, most clients that deal with always end up frustrated as information they find there is not reliable. And about the Pro-Rewards program that IdentityProtect runs, we cannot vouch for it. This is because there is no concrete evidence that they really give out such benefits to their members. Identity protection services that they promise clients are also unreliable as they do not offer identity theft insurance or recovery service to their members. This is contrary to their terms of service delivery where as a credit firm they promise to protect one’s identity with relevant back-up services. Since identity protection services are important to most clients, credit firms that do not offer them come across as a fraudulent credit companies. In this category IdentityProtect comes short. Besides, on their main website the content is shallow and you will only get credit guidance and nothing about identity theft.

The Verdict

As an individual that wants to get his or her credit score or report straight, you should not think of dealing with IdentityProtect. This will be a complete waste of your time and energy as well not mentioning the resources you will use in the process. You will go as far as giving all the important details about your credit history and for all this effort, you will gain nothing from feedback you will get from IdentityProtect. Most importantly, you will not get services worthy of the amount you have paid. Simply put, Identity Protect is a scam credit company and as much as their services seem competitive and attractive, avoid them at all cost.

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