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**Since 7th October 2013 Identity Hawk has not recruited any new members**

Identity Hawk provides its services to protect some of the most confidential and personal information belonging to you. The number of thieves associated with the theft of identity has been growing in the recent times. They hope that with their services, the epidemic will get a solution to prevent it through the use of sophisticated methods.

Positive sides

One of the greatest advantages of dealing with Identity Hawk, as opposed to other companies with similar services includes the availability of a trial period which comprises of 30 days. During this period, it is possible to cancel any procedure already taken before the first cycle of billing can begin. Besides their affordable prices, the other benefits of the company include:

  • Internet security which trends on Micro Titanium
  • Number protection in social security
  • Scores and monitoring of credits
  • Scores of identity health
  • 24/7 scanning of identity security
  • An insurance of $ 1 million for theft of identity
  • Alerts that are comprehensive
  • Experts to deal with the recovery of identity

The negative sides

Since August 1 2013, the customer care service at Identity Hawk confirmed through two different phone calls that they were not accepting any new members. However, a varied picture is presented on the homepage through the banner pictures available. They depict that there is a current start of a 30-day trial. It was realized that this contradiction is a result of the lack of updating of the website. As such, as much as a member might fill in all of their personal details that include information of the credit card, social security number and the billing address, there is no guarantee that you will receive the services offered by Identity Hawk. It is thus a deceptive gimmick that has led to the belief by potential customers that they are taking in new members.

In addition, the pricing information on Identity Hawk is not available at any point on their website. Potential members do not have any place to view their complete packages. This is to show that because Identity Hawk no longer reveals vital information or provide a list of the specific details, they are not accommodating new members. Currently, they do not disclose any information on the details of their packages or pricing. This compelled us to see the information on their credit dealings from the site, which is their sister company. Otherwise, the rest of the information on Identity Hawk was obtained from their website.


Identity Hawk would be accepting new members if their company was listed as moderate among the many related others. You cannot consider it as your perfect choice, though it is also not the worst. Thus, it will be important to inquire about the price and the breakdown of services if you decide to become a member of Identity Hawk. It is because this information is not accessible on their website. You should make sure that you are certain about the services you are paying for before you can seal the financial deal.

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