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The Best Feature

The Delete Now feature of IdentityForce will alert you where your personal information is displayed anywhere on the internet and it will show you exactly what information was found. The reason why this is referred to as the best feature of IdentityForce is that it enables you to delete the information then and there. As a result, other people will not be able to access this information.

The Good

If you can make up your mind and register on IdentityForce right away, you can get a reduction of $5 in the monthly charges. You need to pay only $12.95 per month instead of $17.95. Some of the reasons as to why it makes sense to sign up with IdentiForce are listed below

  • IdentityForce is a provider of identity protection services for different types of industries which includes colleges and universities, healthcare sector, enterprises and merchants and government agencies.
  • The identity protection services for each of the industries are customized to suit the specific needs of that particular industry.
  • Further, the data monitoring services offered by IdentityForce covers mail addresses, bank accounts and social security.
  • The extremely user-friendly website of IdentityForce provides extensive explanations about the services offered as well as a lot of information about the company.
    Other Features Offered by IdentityForce
  • IdentityForce Threat Alerts: This feature provides an alert when a potential risk (because of suspicious activity) about your personal information available on the Internet is sensed.
  • IDF Instant Fraud Alerts This feature monitors credit, utility, check reorder, retail, mortgage loan, payday loan and auto loan applications.
  • Identity Score/Report This is a numerical value that is generated to predict the chances of you becoming a victim of identity theft.
  • Online Protection Tools These tools clean up personal information from online databases which are easy to access.
  • Junk Free This is a feature that prevents people from accessing and stealing personal information from mailboxes or trash.• Certified Protection Experts: This is a managed restoration service.
  • $1 Million Insurance A nation-wide insurance policy that provides the required insurance cover.
  • ChildWatch Package This is an all-inclusive identity theft protection service which costs just $2.75 per month.

The identity restoration specialists at IdentityForce help consumers to save hundreds of hours in addition to providing identity restoration services. They complete all the associated paperwork, make calls and do all the other chores to ensure that the identity of the customer is completely restored. Additionally, the comprehensive ChildWatch package provides adequate protection to children at extremely cheap rates.

The Bad

The basic package UltraSecure offered by the identity protection services provider does not include credit scores as well as reports. However, it proactively does monitoring of credit and checks for suspicious activities related to credit cards, utility services and loan applications. This gives the consumers a great deal of power to stop attempts of fraud as and when they happen. As a result, consumers are not required to react after they suffer any kind of damage. Further, it should be clearly understood that the recovery services offered by IdentityForce do not include funds replacements. They pay only to support the investigation of the fraud.

The Bottom Line

The BBB rating of IdentityForce and the fact that only two complaints against the company have been filed last year goes on to prove that it is a good company and the customers are satisfied with the services provided by them. If you go through our review of IdentityForce, you will realize that the basic protection plan offered by them is good enough to meet your requirements. Of course, it goes without saying that the upgraded packages are even better. It is true that the UltraSecure package does not provide extensive information about your credit status. However, you can access all credit scores and reports on a quarterly basis by signing up for the UltraSecure plus Credit package for $19.95 per month.

About IdentityForce

IdentityForce is a company that proactively provides identity theft protection services not only to individuals, but also to businesses as well as to various governmental agencies. The company started its operations in 2005 to protect consumers in the United States of America from the increased identity theft crimes.

IdentityForce, 8.4 out of 10 based on 129 ratings
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1 Review for "IdentityForce"

  1. Q
     Verified Reviewer
    September 23, 2017, 12:17 am

    ~ Verified order

    Completely TERRIBLE service !!!

    Emailed questions to support on first day, took over 4 DAYS to get a reply !Offered a 30 day free trial, $199.50 annually thereafter. NO 30 day free trial as they bill you the entire amount immediately. Called customer service to question this and have been on hold for almost 4 HOURS !!! Then they simply disconnected the call !!!!
    NO OPTION TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP ONLINE !! and if you don’t get through within the “free trial period” THEY DO NOT REFUND ANYTHING

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