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Identity Warriors

Good: Some What Low Cost
Bad: No Attorneys, Credit Monitoring, or BBB Rating
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Identity Warriors is a relatively new entrant in the field of identity protection. As compared to some of their competitors, they have a lot less experience in this field.

The Good

One of the best things about identity Warriors is that they focus on the basics of identity theft. This means that they are completely focused on identity theft and hence are able to provide a reliable service for their subscribers. They provide a lot of benefits to their subscribers.

They provide the service of removing the names from consumer databases which are used for unsolicited preapproved credit card and other such offers. This is a very important service and people need to be more aware of the downsides associated with preapproved and unsolicited offers. This also helps with reducing the number of unsolicited sales call. This feature reduces the risk for potential identity theft and fraud to a large extent.

They are one of the few companies in this field which provide identity theft insurance as a part of their basic package. The insurance is limited to $25,000.

Their basic package costs $9.95 monthly and is packed with features. In their basic package they provide identity monitoring for their subscribers.

They also provide the service of identity restoration as part of their basic package.

A subscriber also gets access to the command center on their website for 24 x 7 monitoring of the threats and fraud attempts.

The identity recovery program by Identity Warriors is very hands on and does not leave their subscribers in lurch. Their team does all the hard work in restoring the identity of their consumers. This is a very important feature and can save a customer from a lot of pain in case of identity theft. It is very difficult to collect all the papers requited for identity restoration. Some companies, which claim to provide this service, just provide their subscribers with recovery kits and some advice over the phone. Identity Warriors shine in this aspect.

The Bad

Identity Warriors have a few holes in their basic package of identity protection.

They scan a lot of online databases but they do not provide credit monitoring as part of their basic package. Credit monitoring should be part of any identity theft protection service as it is one of the high risk areas in the field of identity theft. Payday loans are one of the most abused areas in the field of identity theft.

They have a lot less experience as compared to their peers in the field.

Also, they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau which leaves a mark on their credibility in the eyes of the potential customers.

The Bottom Line

Identity Warriors is an interesting service and their identity restoration package is really good. But they do not provide some basic protection options for their customers. They need to include credit monitoring and should also consider getting accredited by Better Business Bureau. They also need to gather a few more years of experience in this field to be the recommended choice for potential customers.

The identity theft insurance service works in their favour but they still have a law to cover. If you are looking to subscribe to an identity theft protection service, you should look elsewhere to cover all the bases for identity theft protection.

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