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Identity Safety Services Reviews

Good: Some Decent Technology
Bad: No Attorneys, Credit Monitoring, or BBB Rating
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Identity Safety Services is a relatively new entrant in the field of identity protection. They have been in this business for just two years and have a relatively far less experience than other competitors in this field.

The Good

The Identity Safety Services claim to have cutting edge technology to serve their customers for identity theft protection. They also claim to have the largest database for identity theft in the country. These claims have not been independently verified and therefore should be taken with a pinch of salt. They provide a lot of benefits to their subscribers, which are listed below:

  • Since they are new, they provide a free trial period of 30 days for new subscribers. This is a good move and helps potential customers in checking out the service.
  • They also offer identity theft insurance up to $25,000. This insurance is provided through Chartis.
  • Their basic plan starts at $9.99.
  • They provide consumers with an identity risk score. This quantifies the risk of identity theft for their subscribers.
  • They also claim to provide real-time fraud alerts. It means that, a consumer will be notified by e-mail or text, if any fraud is attempted.
  • They also provide anti-spyware to protect their consumers from online theft and fraud.
  • One of the basic features is the monthly identity monitoring service.

Since almost everything is done online these days, it makes sense to have a digital vault. A digital vault will keep the important files safe and secure from the prying eyes of hackers. The importance of having a digital vault cannot be over emphasized.

They also provide their subscribers with a digital file shredder. A digital file shredder works by removing all the important information from the hard drives. So, whenever you dump your hard drive, it is a possibility that some hacker may retrieve the files from your old hard drive. A digital file shredder will prevent that from happening.

The Bad

All the services have their ups and downs. Identity Safety Services also has some downsides.

Identity Safety Services provide a lot of unique products to their subscribers, but they are missing some of the most basic identity theft protection features. They do not provide credit monitoring, which is very important these days. Credit monitoring alerts a consumer if someone else is trying to take out a loan in their name.

ISS has chosen not to register with Better Business Bureau. This raises a few eyebrows. It is very important for any business to get themselves accredited with BBB, as it stands for reliability in the eyes of the potential customers.

Identity Safety Services has only two years experience in this field, which is a lot less than most of their competitors in the field of identity protection. Coupled with their non-accredited status with Better Business Bureau, they need a few more years under their belt to make a name for themselves in this industry.

They provide a lot of unique services but they are also missing out lot of basic services which are crucial in the field of identity protection.

The Verdict

Overall, we feel that Identity Safety Services provides a set of unique features and they definitely have the potential to be a one of the best service providers in this field but they need to step up and include the basic services such as credit monitoring in their package. They also need to raise their credibility levels in the eyes of the consumers by getting themselves accredited.

We’re sure that with more experience under their belt, they will provide much better service in the coming years but till then you are better off with other identity protection services.

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