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Identity IQ

Good: 1/3 Credit Monitoring
Bad: F BBB Rating, No Assigned Attorneys
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Identity IQ has been working in the field of identity protection for the past five years. They have carved out a space for themselves in this crowded industry.

The Good

Identity IQ provides a lot of options to potential subscribers. Potential subscribers can choose from four different protection plans as per their requirements. In their basic package, they provide a lot of services for $6.99.

They provide credit monitoring service as part of their basic package. Their credit monitoring service works a little different than similar services provided by other companies.

They also provide opt out services. This service removes the information of the subscriber from consumer databases which are used for sending unsolicited credit card and other similar offers. These unsolicited offers are one of the biggest risks in the field of identity theft. Most of the consumers are not aware of the pitfalls of preapproved unsolicited credit card offers.

Identity IQ also provides identity restoration as part of its basic package. They have identity resolution personnel who provide assistance to the subscribers in the unfortunate event of identity theft.

Similar to lot of other services, Identity IQ also provides identity theft insurance of up to $25,000.

Identity IQ has been working in the field of identity protection for more than five years and has acquired enough experience in this field. They have also shown that they have not just been resting on their laurels and have been continuously adding features to their service.

The Bad

If one looks at the basic package of identity IQ, one will find that it is the perfect package for identity theft protection. But the devil is in the details. Identity IQ is a good company but it lacks a few features.

The methods for identity protection employed by Identity IQ are not based on latest technology. They leave a lot to be desired.

They claim to provide almost all the services as part of their basic package, but they cover only the bare minimum in their basic package. In the field of credit monitoring, their service sends out alerts to the subscribers when the damage has already been done and the suspicious activity is already reflected on the credit report. In today’s times, this is not enough. Effective identity theft protection services should be able to provide more safeguards and their focus should be on preventing identity theft rather than informing the customer when the damage has already been done. This is a very serious lacunae in their monitoring service.

Identity IQ is accredited with better business bureau but here they carry a rating of F. That does not reflect well on them. It is true that most of their complaints are related to billing and collection but they ought to do better when they are working in such a sensitive field.

The Bottom Line

The services provided by identity IQ are decent for the price they are offered.

One should always keep in mind that one gets what one pays for. Even though their basic package is very cheap, the coverage provided by them leaves a lot to be desired and is not an identity protection plan in its true sense.

If you’re looking for a identity theft protection service, it will make sense to spend a a few more dollars and get better features, better protection and more resources to protect better protect your identity. Identity IQ needs to work hard and provide a lot more to become a top service in this industry.

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