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Are you looking for a safe haven against identity theft which is so rampant on the internet today? On several occasions, identity thieves can easily access your personal information and files online without your knowledge. This can lead to some serious consequences and cases that you won’t be able to control. Today, you can ensure your safety and security by getting the best and most appropriate solutions against identity theft from Identity Fraud, Inc., which is one of the companies that you can surely trust.

About The Company

For 10 years in the identity security industry, Identity Fraud, Inc. had made a great milestone to provide their customers with utmost and quality services. Some of the prestigious companies that Identity Fraud was able to work with are from banks, credit unions, insurers, and various types of associations. This is to ensure that they can offer a wide variety of perfect solutions and protections against identity thieves to both personal and corporate satisfaction and guarantee.

Advantages of the Company

To prove the fact that this company has delivered quality services for the satisfaction of their clients and keeping the lead in identity theft protection industry for a decade, Identity Fraud, Inc. is proud for their perfect BBB rating. In fact, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, as well as the American Banker have all featured and mentioned this company. The Identity Fraud website is also very user-friendly that visitors find it easy to navigate the site and search for what they’re trying to find. Their website also provides a way to educate people about the different ways on how identity theft can happen through the education section of the website. Identity Fraud Gold provides a complete coverage for all common identity theft bases, while the extra features and whistles are included in the Identity Fraud Platinum. You can get these following features with their services:

  • IF Cyber Monitor
  • Non-Credit Loan Alerts
  • $1 Million Identity Insurance Coverage
  • Lost Wallet Services
  • Court & Criminal Record Monitor
  • 24/7 Unlimited Resolution & Prevention Assistance
  • Keystroke Encryption Software

Company Drawbacks

Some of your personal information records, such as your medical files and your passport monitoring and protection are not part of coverage of Identity Fraud. Any kind of credit supervision, which is an important service for identity protection, is also not included in the coverage. An affordable monthly fee of $9.95 is charged for your protection. However, if you wish to cancel the service, you are required for a membership for at least three months. A minimum of three months’ worth of payment is allowed before cancellation if you’re not pleased with the services.

The Bottom Line

For Identity Fraud company’s basic package, you are offered a complete protection as well as recovery services against identity theft. This company is considered to be one of the reliable companies to protect your identity online and a company that offer quality services that you can trust. Identity Fraud is also one of the legitimate companies these days that is doing all the right practicals for the satisfaction of their clients with its several years of amazing experiences, lots of recognition from top news stations as well as reliable websites.

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