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The identity theft crime has been growing at a very high rate for the past few years. Some credit professionals recognized this and decided to join together to fight this menace and this led to the foundation of ID Watchdog. There are many products provided by ID Watchdog whch are powered by their patent pending monitoring technology. The company also offers a theft resolution guarantee which is unique to it. The technology is recognized by the industry as the Consumer Federation of America recently named ID Watchdog as one of the most valuable service available in the field of identity theft protection. This recognition attains more importance as the field of identity theft protection is growing rapidly.

The Good

ID Watchdog provided a subscription service to consumers which allows them to monitor the theft protection activities. Customers can log into the website of the company at any time where they are greeted by a personal information dashboard. This dashboard provides a quick glance to the information about the consumer being used by government and other institutions including financial ones. Also, the consumers can get a identity profile report at any moment. This identity profile report provides information on any outstanding identity alerts and status of the data being scanned currently. In addition to the web access, the company also provides the option to consumers to receive email or text as and when any new relevant information is discovered.

Data Monitoring by ID Watchdog includes the following:

  1. Cyber Monitoring: This service is used to crawl through big information databases, available online, to check whether a consumer’s information is being traded.
  2. Monthly scanning of massive public record databases to check for your social security number.
  3. One of the most common places where identity thieves use the stolen information are the companies providing payday loans. This service also checks the databases of payday loan companies to ensure that nobody has used your identity to take a payday loan. The interest rate on these payday loans can be mind boggling.
  4. The Nation Change of Address database is also scanned by ID Watchdog service.
  5. ID Watchdog service also keeps an eye on your credit card numbers, driving license and other benefits such as medical. This helps in protecting your wallet.

In addition to the above, the customer service provided by ID Watchdog is top notch. The staff is friendly and provided quick service, when needed, during the live support hours.

This is an additional tip for you. The ID Watchdog states that they do not provide any kind of protection service for your driving license as well as passport but that is not entirely correct. They do not ask you for this information when you sign up with them but they can and do provide this service, you need to ask them for it and provide them the necessary information to include it in your protection plan.

The Bad

No service is completely free of any issues. Well, the bad comes with the good. ID Watchdog service also has some issues which are detailed below.

  1. The most basic plan of the company is called ID Watchdog Plus. This plan does not include the service of providing credit scores to consumers. Also, it should be noted that the credit monitoring service is limited to Transunion, which is one of the three credit bureaus.
  2. Many of the companies active in the field of Identity Theft Protection provide a free trial period to consumers to check their service. Unfortunately, the ID Watchdog does not offer any free trial. This should not be a deal breaker as there have been cases, where companies are extra nice to consumers during the trial period but show their true colors once the trial period is over. ID Watchdog has confidence in its service and therefore, it offers a money back guarantee if a customer cancels the service within 30 days of signing up.

The Verdict

The service is not meant for everyone. If one is looking for credit scores and credit monitoring on all the three credit unions, then this is not the right service. As mentioned earlier, the credit monitoring is available for only one of the unions.

ID Watchdog scores ahead of other companies in the field by offering 100% Identity Theft Resolution Guarantee. It means that there is no upper limit as prescribed by other services.

The basic service is offered at a monthly price of $14.95. One can save 25% on monthly charge by paying annually.

ID Watchdog, 6.3 out of 10 based on 96 ratings
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