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Griffin Protection Group

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Griffin Protection Group has been in the business of identity theft protection since 2000. 14 years is a long time to be in this business and they have gathered a lot of experience under their belt in this industry.

The Good

As mentioned earlier, the Griffin protection group has a lot of experience in this business. For their subscribers, they set up a lot of alerts on a lot of consumer databases to prevent any identity theft. In addition, they also protect their subscribers by culling out the information out of databases used for sending non-solicited preapproved offers. These non-solicited offers have flooded the market in the recent years and many consumers have been caught unawares of the risks involved in this. The Griffin Identity Protection plan provides a lot of options to the consumers to customize their service. In the new plan, there are a number of benefits provided by Griffin Protection Group as listed below:

They place alerts with all the three credit bureaus to alert their subscribers of any possible identity theft or fraud attempts. This pre-emptive measure reduces the risk for their subscribers.

They also provide identity theft insurance to their subscribers. This way, their subscribers are protected up to a certain amount in case of identity theft.

They also provide an annual credit report to their subscribers.

Since they are able to cull out the information of their subscribers from online databases, a subscriber will receive very few non-solicited preapproved offers for credit cards and other such services. This also limits the number of unsolicited calls.

They are also accredited by Better Business Bureau and have a rating of A+, the highest possible.

The Bad

No service is perfect and Griffin Protection Group is no exception.

The kind of services they provide are out of date in today’s market. The techniques used by them to protect your identity and data are very old-fashioned and therefore, their services are do not provide the optimum benefit.

Another thing which is unfavourable for them is the high price for their add-on products. The market has moved towards cheaper services but the Griffin Protection Group has opted to keep its prices high.

They have a number of packages available. To get best bang for the buck, a customer needs to subscribe to their platinum package. This package only make sense if a customer is willing to use the family protect features. So, for individual customers, their plans do not make financial sense.

Their customer service is also not upto the mark. When we tried to contact the Griffin Protection Group, it took us several minutes just to get connected. Also, it has been our experience that most of the times, one is not able to speak to a real human being and the call gets forwarded to the voicemail. This can be very frustrating in case of an emergency. They need to improve their customer service.

The Verdict

Overall, we feel that the Griffin Protection Group does not provide a value for money service. They are out of touch of market and need to provide much more services for the money they are charging. Also, it is very important for them to upgrade their services to be at par with the best companies in the field of identity protection. Most of the features included in the basic plan can be availed by consumers for free at home.

So, if you’re looking for a identity protection service, you will be better served by looking elsewhere.

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