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Equifax is company specialized in giving consumers and businesses information they require which they can trust whenever they are engaging in business transactions. This has been the main reason why the company has been offering his services to those people who need them.

With their established history of leadership and innovation, the company has a powerful ability to advanced analytics, unique data, and proprietary technology with an aim of enriching the businesses performance at the same time enhancing the lives of consumers in a market.

Equifax Company often gives their clients credit monitoring from the three credit bureaus whenever they wish to pay and view their scores. Since they have viable information, they will always provide credit at the same time restore the theft features of financial identity. This will most of the times make the customer more informed whenever they are giving their information to the people who need them.


The following are some of the best theft services that the company often offers to the people/businesses who need them;

  • Lost Wallet Protection: Whenever you lose a wallet, the company team members will always assist you cancel at the same time replace any of the missing cards.
  • Social Security Number Monitoring: This Equifax Company has the ability to detect security threats by scanning the suspected Internet trading sites to get personal Social Security number.
  • Bank & Credit Card Monitoring: They will always can monitor up to ten major debit/credit card account numbers, which you provide.
  • Fraud Alerts: The Company has the ability to offer you free 90-day fraud alert on personal Equifax credit report. After them successfully placing your card to avoid fraud, they will refer you to the best two credit bureaus to renew your card within 90 days.

The Bad

Some people often say that Equifax is among the worst companies offering identity protection. Why say this? This is because they do not often allow clients to have their trial period unless they have a special offer. In addition, it is impossible to hold of their live agent or even go through the customer services that they offer. People’s call often waits for over 20 minutes and thus a frustrating event. They do not include their credit scores, therefore among the highly changing companies in the market. This has forced many people to avoid using their prices due to the high cost that they provide for the people who need them thus scaring away many of the companies of people who cannot afford their prices.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you want to get the best customer service experience when using their services, then it is your turn to start using their services. This will also give you that opportunity to get the data monitoring services that will help you improve the performance of your company through that increased security. Through this, you will always join the hundreds of businesses that use their services with an aim of getting the best returns and customer satisfaction in the long run.

Equifax Identity Patrol, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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