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Overview of the company

EliminateIDTheft is a company that specializes in providing financial services. This is a company that has years of financial experience and is operated and owned by Murdoch Capital, LLC. However as the company is also now contracted with Coverdell, EliminateIDTheft also provides identity theft protection to their consumers.

Good points of the company

Scott Stevenson is the CEO of EliminateIDTheft, who has been regularly featured on all the major news and information outlets like Fox5News, CNBC and This is when he has definitely showed great reputation and impression for his company. EliminateIDTheft is a company that provides all their members with a credit report from the three credit bureaus and also all the credit scores that TransUnion provides.

EliminateIDTheft not only helps at providing proper recovery and restoration services to their consumers, but they also offer other great benefits to their customers like MyESafeDepositBox, Guidance Resources Online and Free Panda Antivirus and Anti-spyware Software.

The bad points of the company

It is true that EliminateIDTheft does display all the necessary information their new consumers may require to learn more about the services on their site. However it is when you take a look at their website that you find that the site looks rather outdated. In fact, when you see this rather outdated website, you wonder when the company had actually last updated their website information!

Moreover, though the company makes claims for providing proper and efficient identity detection, you find that the methods used for identity theft detection are rather weak if compared to the methods used by other identity theft protection companies you have in the market.

This is perhaps because the company EliminateIDTheft has always been, and is an authority on providing only credit reports and credit scores, and does not seem to be doing much about actively detecting identity theft in real-time situations.

It is also worth mentioning that EliminateIDTheft does not seem to have some important features needed in an identity theft detection company like a Better Business Bureau grade, provision of lost wages for insurance, internet scanning and an analytic system that effectively backs up the product.

So in a nutshell

The bottom line of all this is that EliminateIDTheft is a brand that has indeed received and developed some rather decent exposure in the media. However if you examine thoroughly, you find that this is a company that is not exactly worth paying all the money you have to pay them to use their services.

In fact, you can turn to other companies like LifeLock and Identity Guard for identity theft protection as they offer much more features at the same and exact price. EliminateIDTheft is in fact a company that does not have many important and basic services that are required to actually and effectively protect your identity.

So until the brand company actually does something to upgrade and improve their services, it is not actually worth trying out this company. Your identity theft problem and doubts will most probably not be saved and taken care of by EliminateIDTheft.

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