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Unfortunately, Citadel credit does not have too many positives to be written about.

One of the main attractions for potential subscribers is the cost of their basic monthly package which starts at $5.99 per month. Also, there website is very simple and easy to follow and it provides potential subscribers a nice user interface.

Citadel credit service for identity theft protection includes scanning online databases for potential identity theft and fraud attempts.

The Bad

Citadel credit has a lot more negatives than positives.

One of the biggest issues they have is that they are not very forthcoming about the details of different kind of packages they offer. Also, they do not provide a lot of information about themselves on their website.

The information provided by Citadel credit on their website is incomplete and very confusing to the average consumer. They do provide a price for the basic package on their website but they fail to mention what the customer will be receiving as a service for this payment. Therefore, the subscriber has absolutely no idea what kind of services he will be receiving for the money he paid.

Citadel credit has listed packages on its website. One of the package is CIR packaged and the other one is listed as CIM+ package. They do not list anywhere on the site about the differences in these two packages. So, a potential subscriber has absolutely no idea which packages are suitable for their needs.

In this particular industry, excellent customer service is an essential part of the service. In the unfortunate event of an identity theft, a subscriber should be able to take guidance from an experience person. In the case of Citadel credit, we found that their customer support services is way below the mark. This system does not work.

It is impossible to call them and talk to experienced and knowledgeable human being for any kind of guidance. Once you call them, you are directed to a front desk where you will need to leave your name and phone number. Then, after some time a rep will call you back on the given number. The delay in calling back depends on the availability of the rep. The bigger problem here is that most of the times, no one calls back and provide a solution to the problems. In a sensitive business like this, it is essential for a company to provide such basic customer service.

The terms and conditions listed on the website of Citadel credit do not mention anything about their identity protection service. In fact, it is mentioned that a subscriber will receive the ID recovery Kit in the unfortunate event of an identity theft. This shows that, they are not willing to take pains to provide the service for which a customer has signed up. Also, since almost nothing is mentioned on their terms and conditions page, it is difficult to believe if they provide any actual protection service.

On their website, Citadel credit provides various kind of services offered by them. The problem here is that they do not mention whether these are the services offered or if these are the services a customer requires. Overall, the content of their website works more towards deceiving the customer into signing up rather than providing details on the actual service provided by them.

The Bottom Line

When so many things are wrong with the business, the right thing is to do no business with them. Citadel credit falls into this category of businesses. In the absence of any charity on their services, they should not be getting any customers.

It is true that at $5.99 per month, they provide one of the cheapest services in the industry but as mentioned earlier they give absolutely no idea to the consumer about the services they will be getting for this price. So, the money paid is as good as money sent down the drain.

Unless Citadel credit makes major changes and comes clean on the services provided, it is not recommended to sign up with them for identity protection services.

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