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AT&T Identity Protect Reviews

Good: Decent Price
Bad: 1/3 Credit Monitoring, No Attorneys
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AT&T is rated as one of the biggest telecommunications company in the US. Their duty is to create absolute solutions for their clients and businesses and to connect individuals all around the globe. For this reason, the company has continued to look for new ways on how they can deliver first-class customer service to its clients.

The Good

AT&T showcases their identity protection product very well online. They have two products, which include Identity Protect Enhanced and Identity Protect for Internet. Identity Protect for Internet package costs around $1.95 per month and provides an identity theft resolution kit and internet surveillance only. The Identity Protect Enhanced package costs $9.95 per month and has various other features, which assist to protect your identity fully.
They include:

  • Internet surveillance
  • Monitoring and a credit report
  • Criminal record detection
  • Identity restoration assistance
  • Social Security number monitoring
  • Change of address monitoring
  • List of sex offenders in your area
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • $1 million insurance
  • Credit report monitoring

AT&T Company also partners with CSIdentity for their identity protection product. For this reason, they clearly label and define their products so that guests are not confused. They also publish valuable data on how your identity may be compromised following different channels. This is one of the reasons why their services are widely acknowledged.

The Bad

AT&T does not give out information on their identity insurance unless you become a victim and get forced to access the insurance. This is a huge blow for concerned customers who may want to get information on how they can receive lost wages before they sign up for the insurance. This is because they cannot get any information beforehand until they sign up for the product. It is one of the drawbacks of theri services.

The company’s Identity Protect Enhanced package has only one-bureau credit monitoring, which most people find it better not to have just like all other identity theft protection companies. It could be because of what it offers that is not appreciated by customers.
Another downside of the company is that its headquarters has a B Better Business Bureau rating with 22,000 complaints and above, a figure that has taken a toll on their general score. It is vital to know that all the complaints do not affect the Identity Protect Enhanced product directly, and that AT&T closed down more than 6,500 complaints in the previous year.

The Bottom Line

AT&T is a great company with a great product at an affordable price. With the company having a good reputation about its services, it would be safe to say that they provide good services and produce first-class customer service. The company’s partnership with CSID is one other supportive measure that the Identity Product AT&TT offers is a good product. The company also recommends Identity Protect Enhanced package for their full-coverage in identity protection, restoration and identity.

You would be well protected with the above product, most especially if you feel that your life or business is at risk. You can also visit the company for more information and advice on signing up for the product. It is a very simple process that will not take long.

AT&T Identity Protect, 4.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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