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AARP Identity Theft Protection Reviews

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The AARP is a non-profit organization formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons. It plays host to close to forty million members. The main objective is to help its members obtain information and discounts on a variety of goods and services. They have multiple publications including magazines and books as well as radio and television stations just for the purpose.

Identity theft protection from AARP

AARP provides so many services to its members. Some of these include protection and security to the retired individual. You might be wondering, protection from what? Basically everything but one of the most common problems senior citizens face is identity theft. Consequently, AARP has taken upon itself the task of guaranteeing identity theft protection to their members. Their identity protection program is powered by Trusted ID. All one has to do to be in the program is sign up for the AARP’s Trusted ID service which costs not more than $13 per month.

The Trust ID package comes with a host of other services including:

  • Credit card and social security number scanning
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Social network monitoring
  • 3- bureau credit report
  • 3- bureau credit score
  • Experian monthly score update
  • $1 million service warranty

It is noteworthy that the Trusted ID service is not limited to the above mentioned benefits alone. There many more things you will get to enjoy as a member of AARP.

Is there a better option?

$13 can be too high a cost to pay for some people. This is a common phenomenon with practically all enterprises that use white-labeled products. In the case of AARP, it may prove cheaper to get in touch with Trusted ID and sign up for the products they offer directly than go through AARP. This way the fees you will be paying will be a little bit better. You will also be able to get some better benefits and a heightened sense of security that your ID and other personal information. The problem with getting in touch with Trusted ID directly is that it can be quite hectic a process and with some products the information is very limited.

For instance in the case of the $1 million service warranty customers have very little knowledge concerning the limitations, exclusions, eligibility rules (if there are any) and multiple other issues that need to be abided to get compensated through the warranty in the event that they are victims of identity theft.

In summary

While AARP will make your life easier when applying for such services as the identity protection, it may be prudent to go directly to a company that offers such services. The AARP works as a middleman and an unnecessary one at that. If you need guidance you can get in touch with AARP but then get the services from a company that offers the services. The services for identity theft protection that AARP offers are good but you are encouraged to pay a visit to Trusted ID and check out their website. Through their website you will get to learn so much more about the services. This of course will help you get a clearer understanding of the company’s principles.

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