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In a couple of years, internet marketing has grown tremendously making it one of the biggest ways that many companies whenever they are offering these services especially in the US.
5Linx ID guard is one of the 5LINX Enterprises that offer multi-level marketing for the companies and people who need them. In addition, 5Linx provides customers with a unique Bit-defender Internet Security Plus for their businesses.

The Good

First, you need to remember that 5Linx ID Guard Company is linked with many big-named companies and this gives them a competitive advantage over the other companies in the market.

As a customer, you need to remember that both Identity Guard and Globalinx play an important part in the 5Linx ID Guard, thus making the products more credible in the market from the consumers who need them. Through this computer protection, you they will provide you with a firewall protection as well as parental control over PC, before locking out spam, viruses and hackers who may affect your operations as a company.

This has in the past increase the number of people using their services better than many other options that are available for companies and people in the market.

You should never forget that members of the 5Linx ID Guard would always receive the following whenever they are using these services;

  • They offer identity monitoring
  • An improved social security monitoring
  • An internet surveillance
  • They offer changes of the address monitoring
  • The company provides a monthly identity score report for the company owners
  • An automatic reports on the suspicious activity and many more

The Bad

Though the 5Linx ID Guard requires a monthly fee of $14.95, they often need a one-time application fee of $20 that is not very appealing for probable customers. Many people often say that the prices of maintaining it may be little but the initial fee is very discouraging for starters.

They also offer different webpages that uses the profile of 5Linx ID Guard and the information that regards products are always not consistent at all times, thus confusing for people who often use their services. For instance, the list of their first page often identity the insurance cover of $25,000 while on the other page, they list an identity theft insurance of $1 million. 5Linx should either update old information, which is not applicable or make this displayed information the same on both pages. The above has been one of the shortcomings that have scared away people who need their services.

The Bottom Line

5Linx ID Guard has always been built on the foundation of two amazing companies, and this should give you an opportunity to choose one. In addition, you need to make sure that you make a god choice whenever you are looking for the best services in the market and this is what the company offers. This will always eliminate the use of a another third party, which is not necessary at the same time making it even easier for consumers to become the victims of this identity theft as they use these services in the market.

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