ID Theft and Caller ID Spoofing

ID Theft and Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID service is susceptible to a fraud known as caller ID spoofing which is the method of causing a telephone to show a false number on the recipient’s caller ID. This is possible because the parcular telephone network is fooled into showcasing the fake number due to several flaws that occur within the technology that deals with Caller ID.Caller ID spoofing has the ability to make it look like the call is being sent from any possible phone number. People tend to always trust the number that appears on their caller ID because they have no idea that caller ID spoofing exists.

According to WKYC in Ohio, police want people to know that impostors are taking on the help of caller ID spoofing in attempts to make people think that they are talking to a police officer. In fact, an elderly resident suspected they were being scammed and contacted the police. The report states that someone who said they were an FBI agent contacted her about her personal information so that she could receive a $600,000 sweepstakes. The scammers even told the women that she could call her local police department to make sure that she wasn’t being scammed. When a real officer came to speak to her regarding the incident, she got yet another call from a phone number that was registered to a police detective in North Canton.

Caller ID spoofing is so effective that it is quite frightening. Most people count on their caller ID for many of the calls that they get. When someones phone pops up with a familiar number or name of a friend or family member, of course I am going to “Hey, Michael” and expect the voice of Michael! Yet, when we trust this technology, we are putting ourselves at risks for scams such as the one that the elderly woman faced above

The best way to avoid caller ID scams is to know that it does happen and be mindful of times where you do not recognize the voice of the caller or when someone is offering some kind of money or anything else that seems out of the ordinary or catches you off guard.

The best thing to do is to immediately hang up on these spammers, especially when they proceed to keep calling you. When they start to think that are catching onto their schemes, they will stop trying to call you. Although identify theft protection will not be useful in situations like these, being savvy and aware will.

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